Amin Bahrabadi



The ShiftIt project was founded in the winter of 2015 by a group of technology management graduates from Allameh Tabatabai University as board members and me as the CEO.

This website officially started its work in the summer of 2016, and during this period, it played a prominent media role in many events and conferences related to technology management.

The ultimate goal of this media is to produce a comprehensive platform in the field of technology management.

Important Points

One of the biggest technical challenges facing this project is the use of WordPress CMS. As the project gets bigger, the website gradually becomes harder to maintain, and WordPress kernel updates and plugins have caused problems in some cases.

Digital store management and user management were also well managed in this project. The store was created and managed by the Woocommerce plugin.

Our goal in the future is to rebuild this website with Python language and upgrade its platform capabilities.