Amin Bahrabadi

License renewal system for educational companies


In previous years, training companies that cooperated with Iran Railways Company had to travel to Tehran from different cities of Iran to renew their training license, and each company brings a large number of documents for evaluation.

In this process, a lot of time was taken from the company officials and also many documents were lost during the trip or during the evaluation. The process of evaluating the documents also took a lot of time, and in case of defects in the documents or the need for correction, the process of traveling to Tehran was repeated.

By identifying problems and feeling the need, this system was designed and implemented.

The whole process of obtaining documents and evaluating documents has been done in this system and now, the communication between companies and evaluators is done through the system.

Important Points

One of the technical challenges of this project was the existence of related forms as well as the process of scoring each form by the evaluators.